No Coal in YOUR Stocking! A Big Thank You from Lynne W. Scanlon

Happy Holiday and a big thank you to everyone who bought my book The Cure for Jet Lag over the past year and helped put Back2Press Books on the map. I think it is about time to back-burner my shameless self-promotion efforts for the holidays and call it “party time.” So this is just a quick note of thanks to the travelers who have bought, read, commented and/or reviewed The Cure for Jet Lag in response to that shameless self-promotion. Extra thanks to

  • Joe Sharkey of The New York Times
  • Erik McLaughlin, MD, MPH,, Expedition/Travel Medicine/Global Health
  • Arash Kardan,
  • Lola Akinmade, &
  • Alan Goldsmith,

And special thanks to the nice folks who have taken the time to write glowing reviews on and over at my website The Cure for Jet Lag.

The original book, Overcoming Jet Lag, was a blockbuster before it was allowed to fizzle and go out of print by Berkley Travel Books. (Don’t get me started!) It took me a solid year to overhaul the original edition and bring it up to date. A daunting task, really, because my co-author Dr. Ehret passed away. So it is very rewarding to know that travelers think I did a good job revising, updating, and redesigning The Cure for Jet Lag. (Let’s hear it for larger typeface!)

I hope my coauthor, Dr. Charles F. Ehret, world famous chronobiologist and the world’s leading authority on how to prevent jet lag, would be proud, too. He was the best co-author with whom I ever worked. It wasn’t easy nosing through 30 years of Dr. Ehret’s scientific papers and translating  arcane material into the page-turning, bodice ripper that is now The Cure for Jet Lag. But with Dr. Ehret’s guidance, I got the job done.

And since I’m sending out an all-encompassing thank you, I want to thank  Mark, my brother, for the enormous amount of help this very smart and generous guy provided by line-editing the book when I was beyond bleary-eyed. And how about my terrific graphic designer, Kris Warrenburg of Cyan Design in East Hampton, NY? If you are putting together a “print on demand” book and self-publishing, she’s the go-to designer. Kris made working with the POD printer look easy, and it was not, believe me. The specifications required by the printer baffled me and put me into a near mental breakdown with frustration, and I know a lot about book production from my years as a publisher at AdWeek.

As the holiday approaches, I hope you will keep my book in mind as a gift for friends, family, and colleagues. It’s available, as you know, on or at my website The Cure for Jet Lag

Happy holiday and happy travels!

All the best,


PS While I’m thanking people, thank you to all the people who routinely visit this blog and have racked up over 700,000 page hits this year. A special thanks to those who have left comments after my postings. OK, that’s it, I’m all thanked out.


9 Responses to “No Coal in YOUR Stocking! A Big Thank You from Lynne W. Scanlon”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Nice to hear from you again, Lynne. Your book is as important to me as my passport. Well, almost. And thanks so much for your prompt and personal help with my complicated travel schedule. My trip to Vienna and other countries was fabulous. Hit the ground running.

    Note from Lynne W. Scanlon: Thanks for checking in, Jerry. I know some flights can be very complicated: flying east, then flying west, then north or south, and then east or west again. What’s a traveler to do? Ask me, of course. That’s the advantage of being able to contact the author directly. Happy travels to you. Lynne

  2. SE Wilson Says:

    Oh my gosh. I’m feeling so guilty. I’m logging on to Amazon right now.

    Note from Lynne W. Scanlon: As well you should!!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.

  3. Bonnie S. Calhoun Says:

    Congratulations on a great outcome Lynne! I hope the book continues its great run. Do they sell it at the airports?

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

    Note from Lynne W. Scanlon: Thank you Bonnie for leaving a comment. I always look forward to hearing from you. Happy Holiday or . . . Merry Christmas to you, too. [Bonnie Calhoun is the Director of the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance where she edits 200+ book reviewers. She is also the Owner/Publisher of Christian Fiction Online Magazine.]

  4. BB in UK Says:

    Loved the links. Have left a note on the ‘sexual crapulence’ one. WELL DONE.
    Snow again today in the UK …. feels like we’re in Canada. Where’s the bloody global warming I want to know!

  5. Dave Newton Says:

    Thanks backatcha for all the laughs and eyebrow-levitations, Lynne. Glad you had a good year. You’re my persistence-enthusiasm role model.

    Happy Hamptons Holidays from the Washington State desert.


  6. Kris Warrenburg Says:

    Thanks for the kind comments! You were a dream to work with on this project as well!

  7. The Curmudgeon Says:

    I have travelled to over 90 countries and all seven continents in pursuit of a very specific hobby. Many a time I have been jet-lagged. If I had this book, I could have avoided the horrible experience of trying to fall asleep while counting Alec Baldwin jumping over a fence!

  8. Lynne Says:

    I completely forgot to mention my website. I know, I know, I linked to it twice in the posting! Not good enough. Rob Anthony of East Hampton Web Services and East Hampton Design is my webmaster. Take a look at The Cure for Jet Lag website and see what a good job he has done. (Rob, thanks for bringing this oversight to my attention.)

  9. Robert Anthony Says:

    Thank you Lynne. Your comments are appreciated.

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